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A Bit About Amelia

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I’m Amelia, a biology graduate from the University of Manchester. My passion for wildlife conservation really took hold 5 years ago after I spent time volunteering as a field research assistant in Greece conducting vital conservation work for the local loggerhead sea turtle population. After that, I have immersed myself in everything surrounding conservation including working as a research assistant for an ecological genetics laboratory during my undergraduate degree. This role took me from conservation of lobsters in the lab to conservation of bushbabies in the field, where I spent 5-weeks in Kenya. After my BSc I decided to specialise in the field and undertake an MSc in ecology and evolutionary biology, however, I was lucky enough to take on a role working for a Nature Research journal as a publishing assistant beforehand. Here, I was asked to chair the expansion of their conservation genetics editorial board.

Turtles seem to follow me wherever I go in my research, from Greece, to my BSc dissertation, to my now MSc thesis where I am focusing on the physiological effects of climate change on sea turtle sex determination (more on that to come!). I have since fallen in love with turtles and decide to follow them wherever I can too, especially during my recent MSc field course to Borneo where I risked being quarantined in Malaysia to be able to witness nesting green turtles. However, I am a lover of all shapes and sizes of animals.

Throughout my academic career thus far, I have been astounded by the lack of easily accessible conservation information available. Buried amongst scientific jargon, it’s hard to digest information and facts about the current environmental crisis that we are all facing. As I’ve noticed a massive spike in climate, conservation and ecological interest, I think it’s only right to create a blog aimed at providing the facts, interesting topics, debates, news and events. We need to act now to save our planet, but it can be positive and fun while we do it!

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